Next Generation Home Machining

Next Generation Home Machining - The KUBUS Pro sets new standards as a 4-axis desktop CNC milling machine. Its sophisticated design enables productive milling of metals with the highest precision and impressive surface quality. This CNC milling machine is designed to meet the demanding requirements of home users, small businesses and schools.

KUBUS Pro Specifications:

- Working Area: (X*Y*Z) 340x220x100mm (13.8"x8.7"x4")
- Machine Footprint: (X*Y*Z) 520x470x440mm (20.5"x18.5"x17.3")
- Gantry Clearance: 110mm
- Repeatability: 0.01 - 0.03mm (0.0003"-0.0012")
- Weight: 44Kg (97lbs)
- Drive System(X/Y/Z): 12mm Ball Screws with supports
- Rails(X/Y/Z): HGR15 Linear Rails with HGH15CA Block
- Feedrate: 7000mm/min max. (276"/min)
- Spindle Power: 500W
- Spindle Speed: 3000-20'000 RPM
- ER16 Chuck for tools from 1 to 10mm
- Bearings: Angular Contact Bearings
- Controller: KRAIT grblHAL 32bit Controller with 4-Axis support.
- Safety Features: Door Sensor, Emergency Stop with safety relay and 5mm Polycarbonate Windows.

Early Bird pre-order promotion! Only while stocks last.
The first 50 orders will receive accessories worth CHF 800.-/ 830Euro for free!
  • Full Copperhead MQL-system with double spray-head 
  • ER16 collet set (12pcs) 
  • Vecta2 starter endmill kit (10pcs) 
  • Material starter kit (6082, PC, MDF) 
  • BitSense XYZ Probe 
  • MDF wasteboard spare
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