NENO-CNC is the motivation to create something. 
The possibility of turning 2D ideas into 3D reality. 
The revolution in the maker scene. 

NENO-CNC is a developer and prducer of multifunctional, user-friendly and powerful CNC systems for the Swiss and European market. We also develop, produce and sell various system-controlled tools and accessories. We do everything we can to offer only the most modern hardware and software solutions and are constantly developing our products to adapt them to the needs of our customers. 
Where we come from 
As the founder of NENO-CNC, I was disappointed by the range of hobby CNC systems available in Switzerland. Mainly Chinese kits were sold without any innovation, some of which were not even legal to operate in Switzerland because many standards and regulations were violated. As a studied energy engineer with over 10 years of experience in the machine industry and a passion for 3D printing and model making, I saw the perfect opportunity in Switzerland to offer cost-effective, user-friendly CNC systems that corresponded to the current state of the art and meet all regulations and standards. NENO-CNC is characterized by customer friendliness and direct contact. We look forward to seeing you.