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BitSense XYZ-Probe
With the BitSense XYZ-Probe for the KUBUS Pro you can quickly and easily probe and set the working zero point of the X, Y and Z axes. Features: Flat design for easier probing of tall objects One-cable design. No magnet or clip required The non-conductive plastic base also makes it possible to reliably touch metals and other conductive materials.

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BoltSet Toolsetter
With the BoltSet toolsetter for the KUBUS Pro, you can re-determine the Z zero point after a tool change with just the push of a button. The BoltSet toolsetter is permanently mounted on the machine table and is firmly connected to the machine via a spiral cable.

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Infinity modular Vice-System
The Infinity modular vice-system allows square and round material to be clamped quickly and safe. Thanks to the modular structure, material of all possible sizes can be clamped. The two clamps can be flexibly fixed on the machine table of the KUBUS Pro and allow for a variety of clamping types: Clamping angular material using top grooveClamping round material using top grooveClamping angular material using main surface Clamping round material using threaded bolts Clamp the entire material using machined aluminum soft-jawsScope of delivery: 2x modular vice-system clamps4x round bolts for round stock clampingTable mounting screws setAllen key

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KUBUS Pro Vacuum-table Starter-kit
Cost-effective and beginner-friendly starter set for vacuum clamping technology. This hole grid clamping table allows flat workpieces to be easily clamped without clamps, double-sided adhesive tape or vices. In the starter set complete with all hoses, vacuum cleaner adapter, cover films, wall duct and accessories. Time savings of up to 90% are possible, especially for thin workpieces. Clamping thin and elastic parts for vibration-free machining. Very easy to assemble and operate. 6mm holes in a 10mm grid for dowel pins - make positioning of the workpiece easier. Very high clamping force thanks to combination holes / stepped holes 6.0 / 0.6 mm. Easily replaceable perforated plate.  Scope of delivery: 1x hole grid vacuum clamping table 320 x 220 mm 1x connection set 90° (40mm vacuum cleaner connection adapter, hose nozzles, hoses) 1x wall duct KUBUS Pro 1x cover film 1x screw set for assembly (M6 x 20 mm) 4x dowel pin 6x16mm 4x dowel pin 6x20mm

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Orbit Rotary Axis (4th Axis)
Our Orbit rotary axis for the KUBUS Pro adds another dimension to the machine. Perfect for milling round material, multi-sided material and other 3D objects. The fully milled mounting blocks can be flexibly positioned and screwed onto the machine table of the KUBUS Pro. Technical data: Travel distances: 100m(diameter) * 200mm(length) Clamping range: 1-50mm Weight: 2kg Drive system: low backlash planetary gearboxMotor: Nema17 stepper motor Max. speed 360°/s Accuracy: 0.25° Materials to be processed: wood, plastic, non-ferrous metals

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Replacement MDF-Wasteboard
Replacement MDF-Wasteboard for KUBUS Pro.

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Update to Vectric VCarve Desktop
For anyone who needs more features in their CAM software. Update from the included Vectric Cut2D Desktop to VCarve Desktop. See here for the differences:Comparision

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