KUBUS Pro - Desktop CNC-Mill- Early Bird
Pre-order KUBUS Pro Early-Bird Set. A waiting time of 3 months from receipt of order is to be expected. Swiss citizens will be charged 8.1% VAT. No tax will be charged for people from European countries. This is then due on import. As a buyer from outside Switzerland (Europe), please choose euros as a payment method. Top right next to the language selection. The shipping costs will be invoiced before shipping. The estimated shipping costs in Switzerland are approximately CHF 100. Orders can also be picked up in 5615 Fahrwangen. For most European countries the shipping costs amount to about 300 Euro.Attention: Taxes will only be calculated correctly after you register and provide an address. NENO-CNC KUBUS Pro The most powerful desktop CNC milling machine in its class. Made in Switzerland.Today, anyone can use a 3D printer at home to produce customized parts in no time at all. However, these parts quickly reach their limits due to the lack of stability of plastic. That's why it's time for the new maker revolution! The world needs: A machine that can mill not only wood and plastics, but also aluminum and steel precisely and quickly. The ability to set up and use this machine flexibly at home or in the workshop. And a community that supports and helps each other to get the best out of this machine. This is how the idea of the KUBUS Pro Desktop CNC milling machine was born 2 years ago.After 3 complete revisions, hundreds of prototype parts and weeks of testing and improving, it is now ready.What is the KUBUS Pro?The KUBUS Pro sets new standards as a 4-axis desktop CNC milling machine. Its sophisticated design enables productive milling of metals with the highest precision and impressive surface quality. This CNC milling machine is designed to meet the demanding requirements of home users, small businesses and schools.Thanks to its user-friendliness, the KUBUS Pro is suitable for both experienced CNC users and beginners. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to program and control the machine. The KUBUS Pro is built for durability and stability to withstand the most demanding working conditions. The precise mechanics and advanced drives ensure not only outstanding performance, but also a long service life for the machine. Overall, the KUBUS Pro offers a cost-effective solution for makers who value quality, precision and versatility. With this CNC milling machine, you can turn creative ideas into reality while benefiting from the reliability and efficiency of a professional tool.Machinable materials:Plastic: acrylic, PC, PVC, polyethylene, HDPE, Delrin. Wood: maple, mahogany, oak, walnut, pine, MDF, plywood, balsa or cork. Metal: Aluminum, mild steel*, stainless steel*, titanium*, copper, brass, silver and gold. Composite material: printed circuit boards, fiberglass**, carbon**, linoleum, wax, foam and many others.* with reduced milling feed and depth infeed. ** Not recommended as harmful dust particles are produced.Community:Please join our Discord community. Click here --> Discord

CHF 3,999.70*